Keys to Rockets' Game 1 against Golden State Warriors

Keys to Rockets' Game 1 against Golden State Warriors

Keys to Rockets' Game 1 against Golden State Warriors

Only once in those three-plus seasons have the Warriors lost a playoff series - and it took the greatest player of his generation, LeBron James, leading his team back from a 3-1 deficit in the NBA Finals, aided by a Draymond Green suspension.

I never really learned to revile, clown with, or otherwise trash the Golden State Warriors. Four years, to be exact.

However, he knows that his team is the perceived underdog in this series despite nabbing the top seed because of what the Warriors have done over the past few years. But you want it again because it's an unbelievable feeling.

They went shot-for-shot with the Warriors during the first half, and the teams headed into the locker room at halftime tied at 56 each.

D'Antoni added that among the things he has preached to his Rockets over their 82-game regular season in which they won 67 games, as well as the 2018 playoffs in which they've gone 8-2, is to always have a short memory and move onto the next play. It was Houston's first step in trying to dethrone the Warriors.

"Kevin is the ultimate luxury", Warriors coach Steve Kerr said after the game (NBC Sports). They will be opening the series on the road. The Rockets are perhaps the best-suited team in the National Basketball Association to match up with the "Death lineup", but the Warriors would be in a golden position to take control of the series.

"I don't know what you do to guard him", Kerr said. "I think we showed all season we match up well with them". "We'll be ready. We have to be". That's been kind of the M.O. of this team. But even if we accept that their dominance, rote as it may seem at times, is still dominance, there's the small matter of what it feels like-as a proverbial fan of the game-to watch Golden State these days.

The Warriors struggled with sustaining motivation throughout the season.

They will broadcast up to seven live games per week throughout the regular season and the first and second rounds of the playoffs, as well as every game of the conference finals and NBA Finals. This series will mark the first time he's ever played in the conference finals.

Finally, Paul goes to the conference finals with a team that's playing at or near its peak levels.

Boston's passing, player movement, and pace torched the Cavaliers defense in Game 1 - and they did it getting inside.

"It's not the norm, but I like it", said Livingston. Otherwise, if he gets the space, KD will make you pay, either with perimeter scoring or with a kick-out pass to the bevy of shooters waiting to huck a three-pointer. But the "appropriate fear" is built into this series' schedule.

"You have to be nearly ideal in what you do and we weren't good enough to overcome the level of talent they have on the court". The only member of the Houston Rockets that surpasses that is Trevor Ariza who has a sterling 97.0 rating.

Defending the Warriors presents a multitude of challenges, starting with Durant. James will have to go off but the Celtics are making sure that life is hard for everyone else.

Whoever starts, Cleveland is going to be better in Game 2.

To contrast, the odds, 888 Sport has the Rockets as outright favorites in Game 1, at 1.84. And I can't say I blame him. "You've got to be careful with that". In the playoffs, the Rockets have had the league's best turnover rate, largely because their attack is simple when compared to pass-happy teams like the Warriors. But it's the playoffs.

"We're going to be ready", Capela said.

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