Apps Suspended in Facebook's Ongoing Internal Data Misuse Investigation

Apps Suspended in Facebook's Ongoing Internal Data Misuse Investigation

Apps Suspended in Facebook's Ongoing Internal Data Misuse Investigation

Affected users will be able to find out if they were affected by these banned apps through this Facebook site, which is the same way people could find out if their data was affected in the Cambridge Analytica scandal.

The Cambridge Analytica data scandal brought about months of scandals and internal reforms for social media giant Facebook. So far, the investigation has seen Facebook suspend around 200 apps.

"We need to make sure that there aren't any other Cambridge Analyticas out there, or folks who have improperly accessed data", Zuckerberg said.

Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg had promised that his company would audit individual apps and would not hesitate to ban any app that failed an audit.

Out of an investigation into thousands of apps, Ime Archibong, Facebook's vice president of product partnerships said May 14 in a blog post that the company had suspended around 200 pending an investigation into any misuse of data. The first is a review to identify apps that had access to data, and the second is to conduct interviews, make requests for information, and perform audits on apps where there is a concern.

Do you trust Facebook to safeguard your data? It's not likely that all of these apps shared data with a Cambridge Analytica-like firm, but rather, that some of the data obtained by these apps might have been left unsecured, discoverable if someone dug hard enough.

In addition to the suspension, Facebook is reportedly investigating the incident and could still take further action.

In response to a backlash that cost the company billions in lost market value, Facebook said it would investigate every app that had access to large amounts of data prior to 2014, when it tightened its controls. He gave no examples of suspended apps.

This is only the beginning according to Facebook-it means the company will continue to carry out more audits to ascertain the number of apps that have "misused people's Facebook data". "We will keep you updated on our progress".

A data set of over 3 million Facebook users collected via a personality app was available to download free for anyone for nearly four years, New Scientist reported.

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