Apple's Tim Cook Urges Duke Grads To Think Hard About Data Privacy

Apple's Tim Cook Urges Duke Grads To Think Hard About Data Privacy

Apple's Tim Cook Urges Duke Grads To Think Hard About Data Privacy

Apple Chief Executive Officer Tim Cook delivered more than a commencement speech at Duke University on Sunday.

This comment echoed with this year's Facebook data controversy, which Cook heavily criticized after it was revealed that political data analytics firm Cambridge Analytica was able to breach into the data and information of almost 90 million Facebook users.

"Fearlessness means taking the first step even if you don't know where it will take you", Cook said.

The comment echoed Cook's earlier criticism of Facebook, which has endured months of criticism after it was revealed that a political data analytics firm, Cambridge Analytica, was able to harvest data for almost 90 million Facebook users.

Cook, however, emphasized at Duke that Apple did things differently, explaining: 'We reject the excuse that getting the most out of technology means trading away your right to privacy'. "So we choose a different path: Collecting as little of your data as possible".

"I wouldn't be in this situation", Cook told reporters from Recode and MSNBC in March.

This led Cook to call upon graduates to increase social media regulations and to question Facebook among others on whether user data should be monetized.

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg shot back at Cook in an interview published by Vox last month. And not at all aligned with the truth'. However, when it comes to Apple, the Cupertino giant has followed a stringent privacy policy. We fail to guarantee every student the right to a good education.

Given that the firm ideals that Steve Jobs had set up fr the company during his time, and pretty much continues to be the legacy at Apple these days as well, Tim Cook had thanked him and said, that the learning experience he was lucky to have from Jobs was the sheer belief he had in the dare to do spirit and mindset.

And in 2014, hackers were able to steal nude photos from celebrities' iCloud accounts. The 57-year-old told students to be fearless like the survivors of the Parkland school shooting and activists who spoke out against the epidemic of gun violence and rallied hundreds and thousands to join their cause after a former student killed 17 people in February.

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