Controversy as UFC coach refuses to throw in towel for fighter

Controversy as UFC coach refuses to throw in towel for fighter

Controversy as UFC coach refuses to throw in towel for fighter

She survived the round and went back to her corner. She landed 143 "significant strikes" compared to the challengers 28 and allowed Pennington just 40 seconds of control on the mat. Her corner sent her out anyway, and she took a hellacious, bloody beating before the fight was waved off. Let's power through this, let's believe! Change your mindset. Let's throw everything we got.

"It's sad", Nunes told reporters, including MMAjunkie, through an interpreter at the UFC 224 post-fight news conference. I didn't even know. We know Raquel more than anyone else and know if we let her give up on herself going into the last round she would have always regretted it. After already drawing criticism at being silent throughout the fight and not giving her any technical advice, with her partner Tecia Torres notably being the most vocal, her cornermen did something unbelievable which has left the MMA community absolutely furious. However, she said something that created a heavy gap between diehard and fighter-protect fans.

And while her performance was impressive, a lot of the attention was fixated on the decision made by the corner of Pennington to all-but-force her to leave the stool ahead of the final round of their five-round clash. "(My girlfriend) Nina (Ansaroff) told me.

What do you make of Raquel Pennington's corner sending her out to fight despite not wanting to head into the fifth round? She went out there, and she got finished. Her nose was badly broken at that stage and while everyone loves a comeback, the fact that her corner basically pushed her out in the face of more punishment is completely wrong. I already asked Nina to text her to find out if she needs anything, I'm here.

"If she didn't have the right conditioning to fight then the coach should have thrown in the towel for sure. I think my coach wouldn't have let me go through that".

"It's sad. ... I think she really needs to surround herself with people that want the best for her so she can evolve in her next fight. Unfortunately, tonight (the cornerman) failed".

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