Selena Gomez Released a New Single for the "13 Reasons Why" Soundtrack

Selena Gomez Released a New Single for the

Selena Gomez Released a New Single for the "13 Reasons Why" Soundtrack

Selena also told Beats 1 that she's finishing up her forthcoming album, and that music videos will be involved: "I have visuals for what I picture the songs to be and I'm excited", she said.

In early March, the 25-year-old Selena Gomez and 24-year-old Justin Bieber chose to take a break in the relationship, but since then never reunited. Last year, shortly after breaking up with The Weeknd, the former Disney child actress reunited with the Canadian pop star. And, every Jelena fans knows these two have had their fair share of ups and downs through the years. "I'm so excited for you guys to hear it". "I'm not trying to like throw a bunch of music in people's faces until I'm ready", she told Zane.

Sel's new track - which will be featured in the second season of Netflix's 13 Reasons Why - seems to be a nod to her relationship with Bieber, as it details the difficulties of getting over an ex.

Selena Gomez has finally debuted some new music and her new single Back to You sounds a hellava lot like her recent breakup with on-again-off-again-THEN-back-on-again-AND-THEN-off ex, Justin Bieber.

"It's the first song I did for "13 Reasons Why" that actually was specifically for the show", she shared of writing for the Netflix series' soundtrack. "With this song, it's a very special record". "You know, we're not going to end these certain things or try to break through it unless we take those risks". This is what happens and I'm sorry if you can't - this is real life and I've had numerous parents and kids come up to me.

After days of teasing, minutes of waiting, and a ton of questions, Selena Gomez has finally released her latest single. In Season 1, viewers discovered that Clay was in love with Hannah, but they never really got to be together because of her circumstances. "But I think that "Back To You" is more of my special project that I wanted to give to Season Two". Right now it's working for her.

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