Toxic gas warning in Hawaii

Toxic gas warning in Hawaii

Toxic gas warning in Hawaii

State officials estimate it will cost more than $2.9 million to protect residents over the next 30 days.

In addition, the Highway 130 road was now closed between Malama Street and Kamaili Road, and the Pohoiki Road was closed from Highway 132 to 137 as a result of cracks in its surface caused by underground volcanic activity. "A mass evacuation of the lower Puna District would be beyond current county and state capabilities, and would quickly overwhelm our collective resources", said Ige.

If it occurs, a summit blast might additionally launch steam and sulfur dioxide gasoline. While Pele was killed during an epic battle with her sister Namaka on the island of Maui, her spirit lives on in the Halemaumau crater on Kilauea.

The chances of the volcano's explosive summit eruption were high enough to close Hawaii Volcanoes National Park.

Now, the USGS Hawaii Volcano Observatory is warning that the crater at the summit of Kilauea has been undergoing changes and could begin spewing ash, gas and rocks weighing several tons over the next few weeks.

Active eruption of lava from fissures some 25 miles (40.2 kilometers) east of the summit has paused.

The more than 1,700 people who live in that area were ordered to evacuate a week ago, when the lava emerged. The plant has been shut down, and workers are trucking away 60,000 gallons of flammable liquids.

After hundreds of people were evacuated last week following an eruption and an natural disaster, local officials announced late on Wednesday that another fissure had opened up in the volcano. The fear is that those residents would have no way to get out if another fissure opens up. No one has died, but the flowing lava has destroyed dozens of structures in an area called Leilani Estates.

Deformation of the ground in the area continues and seismicity remains elevated, USGS reports. Hawaii Gov. David Ige issued an emergency proclamation to secure the area. But all of the pentane is expected to be removed by the end of the day today (May 10), the Associated Press reported. Smigelski-Theiss says she's anxious potential flight disruptions would strand them on the island.

An aerial view of the East Rift Zone, seen Wednesday, along which the Leilani Estates neighborhood sits, as seen from a helicopter flying around Pahoa. And with new fissures are opening closer to the edge of the plant, residents are getting even more anxious.

Scientists say activity from the most recent lava fissure that opened up has paused but unsafe fumes continue to be released.

Right now, researchers say, the fissures seem to be the biggest threat to public safety.

An explosive eruption could also ground planes at one of Big Island's two major airports and release steam and toxic sulfurous fumes.

The volcano has already been oozing lava, which has gobbled up roads and homes and emitted unsafe gases. Hawaii hasn't seen explosive activity like that in almost a century. Scientists with the U.S. Geological Survey's Hawaiian Volcano Observatory said Wednesday that the movement of magma from the summit.has caused the lava lake at the top of the volcano to drop in elevation.

Experts say that no new fissures have opened during the last 24 hours.

"I would say that, yes, it will happen here", Dr. Mangan said.

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