Here's when you can play Minecraft "Better Together" on Nintendo Switch

Here's when you can play Minecraft

Here's when you can play Minecraft "Better Together" on Nintendo Switch

The new version of Minecraft on Switch will be released on 21st June, both physically and digitally, after which date the original version will cease to be sold.

The update has already made it's way onto the PC and Xbox One versions of the game. "With previously released content like the Super Mario Mash-Up included, players everywhere can experience what it's like when Minecraft meets the Mushroom Kingdom!" However, this update/version will allow for cross-play with Minecraft players on other platforms like Xbox One and Android mobile phones.

Nintendo has just announced that Minecraft's Better Together update is coming to Nintendo Switch this summer.

With Minecraft on Nintendo Switch, players can take the newest version of the massively popular game wherever they go.

"Minecraft" on Nintendo Switch will soon allow cross-platform play.

N++ is a fast-paced, momentum-based platformer where you get to play as a badass parkour-loving ninja, narrowly escaping enemies and collecting gold in sci-fi landscapes.

The new Bedrock edition of "Minecraft" for Switch will still carry the same $30 price tag as it did before the update.

"Minecraft" will join the small handful of Switch games that can do online multiplayer with other consoles. This will be a completely separate version of the game to download, which is free for all those that now own Minecraft: Nintendo Switch Edition, and it will be accompanied by a new physical release as well.

Play with friends in local multiplayer Co-op and Race (Competitive) modes with the Nintendo Switch Joy-Con controllers! The Switch has been a big seller in its short time on the market, and "Minecraft" has been one of its best selling games.

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