Google's making it easier to understand and manage user data it collects

Google's making it easier to understand and manage user data it collects

Google's making it easier to understand and manage user data it collects

If you visit Google's privacy policy page, you'll notice it is simple, colorful, and filled with many helpful videos. The new policy is now live, and ahead of the GDPR going into force on May 25th, Google is sending emails to every single one of its billions of users.

"We've improved the navigation and organization of the policy to make it easier to find what you're looking for; explained our practices in more detail and with clearer language; and added more detail about the options you have to manage, export, and delete data from our services", William Malcolm, who leads Google's EMEA-based privacy legal function, wrote in a Friday blog post.

Although the information in the privacy policy is now easier-than-ever to follow, Google wants to make it clear that "nothing is changing about your current settings or how your information is processed".

The Google privacy policy now has helpful videos to make it easier for anyone to understand the information. The update also includes a customizable PowerShell script for Windows, Linux and MacOS, which scans all areas of LISTSERV where personal information could be stored and generates a report in XML format to comply with the GDPR data portability requirement. Google also announced that it's improving User Controls, so it'll be easier for us to "review your Google security, privacy, and ad settings". Using My Activity, you can view or delete history, "including search history, location history, browsing history". That could include your location history, web and app activity, YouTube search history, and more.

Something that did change is how much control you now have over your data. As such, many companies are reformatting or in some cases rewriting their policies to bring them into compliance with the new law.

"As we evolve our products over time, we'll continue to improve our Privacy Program and the protections we offer to users", the post stated. Technology companies have been scrabbling to update their privacy policies in order to comply, and today Google reveals the steps it has taken to become compliant.

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