1 suspected death in new Ebola outbreak, officials say

1 suspected death in new Ebola outbreak, officials say

1 suspected death in new Ebola outbreak, officials say

Four new cases of Ebola have been detected in the Democratic Republic of Congo, two days after the country reported a fresh outbreak of the disease.

"WHO is working closely with the government of the DRC to rapidly scale up its operations and mobilize health partners, using the model of a successful response to a similar... outbreak in 2017", it said in a statement.

The director of the National Institute of Biological and Bacterial Research, Dr Jean Jacques Muyembe, said on Wednesday health experts should be able to quickly contain this outbreak because the area is so remote.

In 2014, a total of 28,975 cholera cases with 243 deaths were reported from 130 out of the 216 districts in all 10 regions of Ghana, according to the GHS. The health ministry said that more specimen are being collected for testing.

None of the Ebola outbreaks in Congo have connections to the epidemic that began in 2013 and had left more than 28,600 people dead - nearly all of them in Guinea, Liberia and Sierra Leone - before it was declared over in 2016. The disease was discovered in 1976 and named after the eponymous Ebola River that cuts across the north of the country.

At least two people have tested positive for the virus since and now we are learning there are at least five others, including two nurses, who could be infected and are being monitored.

Ebola is already considered one of the most lethal pathogens in existence, and the new outbreak has been branded a "public health emergency".

Some African carriers including: Cronos Airlines, Air Cote D' Ivoire, Asky Airlines, African World Airlines, Rwand Air, Kenyan Airlines, Ethiopian Airlines and South African Airways operate flights into their operational hubs that link Democratic Republic of Congo.

Yakubu also noted that all the equipment and personnel used in fighting the virus in 2014 were still very much at the airports.

Three health professionals are among those suspected to be infected, officials said.

But just as Ghana is battling against the appearance of Ebola in the country, the health service is also predicting an imminent outbreak of Cholera in the country especially as the rains have started.

"Working with partners and responding early and in a co-ordinated way will be vital to containing this deadly disease", the World Health Organization statement added.

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