Buffett Says Healthcare Venture CEO Pick Coming Soon

Buffett Says Healthcare Venture CEO Pick Coming Soon

Buffett Says Healthcare Venture CEO Pick Coming Soon

Buffett's business partner and fellow billionaire investor Charlie Munger chimed in with a similar view.

He says he hopes more daily newspapers can find a way to be economically viable because they are so important to society.

Greg Abel, who has overseen Berkshire's utilities, said the company's pipeline unit already does better in limited methane emissions that the goal environmental groups have suggested. "It's worked for us in many other situations". If I'm investing in Apple, I want people to think Apple is bad because they're repurchasing shares and it will go up faster.

There were many rumors that the US-based company, Apple's favorite iPhone X was a complete disappointment and that the company was struggling to regain its competitive edge.

Berkshire Hathaway is off.09% on the year.

Berkshire Hathaway's substantial purchasing of stock of 250 million from Apple has left it as it's largest holding. The asset itself is creating nothing. People like to speculate, they like to gamble and if you can get something half-plausible going on; if you had bought gold in 1942 and said "we might lose the war had have to run off to some other country, so let's put our assets in gold", you would have less than a penny for every dollar you got from owning stocks.

Charlie Munger's response, a deadpan, "No".

Apple is riding high on glowing comments from legendary investor Warren Buffett - enough that experts say the iPhone maker could soon become the first company to touch a US$1 trillion ($1.4t) market capitalisation. Buffett said he still spends most of his time reading about businesses, thinking and fielding the occasional phone call.

While Warren Buffett maybe upset about not investing and purchasing stocks from Google as well as Amazon, he certainly makes his interest in Apple clear as its 250 million stockholder, Berkshire Hathaway.

"It is an unbelievable company", Buffett explained.

Roughly 40,000 people attended Berkshire Hathaway's annual meeting on Saturday.

Buffett doesn't plan to retire, but he likely invited more discussion of his eventual replacement earlier this year when he promoted Greg Abel and Ajit Jain to vice chairmen and expanded their responsibilities.

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