Willow Smith learned about sex by walking in on parents

Willow Smith learned about sex by walking in on parents

Willow Smith learned about sex by walking in on parents

The producers of her show Red Table Talk insisted that she brought Union on the show.

Jada Pinkett Smith revealed her shock to find out daughter Willow learned about the birds and bees by accidentally walking in on her parents.

She continued: "How did that happen?!"

Willow then turned the tables on her grandmother Adrienne and mother, Jada to ask them to share their biggest motherhood regret.

"Was I right?" Sheree laughed. "But she knew she had just walked in on a very private moment". In my own personal journey.

"I'll tell you, on this side of things, my son could not have a better bonus mom", Sheree gushed.

The 46-year-old actress was thankful that Willow wasn't left disturbed by what she witnessed, and that she knew it was "private time". She just has this bulletproof confidence.

The Breaking In star said despite their husbands being friends and sharing some of the same political views the two never sat down and spoke about what they were being told. "'Is that really necessary?' But that's some old-school B.S".

Jada said she "had no idea" that her daughter was peeping in on her encounters.

"He was "div, ' " said Pinkett Smith". "And I loved cooking with her and sleeping over".

Pinkett Smith revealed that they weren't afraid to crack open some hard subjects for her entire family, which of course includes her husband Will Smith.

"I called back and happened to say, "B***h, you livin" in the house I picked out", Sheree recalled. "It's just been so healing, and I wasn't expecting that part necessarily".

Jada Pinkett Smith recently said she had a feud with Gabrielle Union, and for the first time in nearly two decades, they were on speaking terms. "It was still a little awkward, the sex topics", nodded Banfield-Norris. You answered the phone. "She needs you to be a mother to provide boundaries and security". "That's how it should be". We are in the people business. They don't care. They are so okay with it. "We're both outspoken about so many things in our community, and we both have huge platforms - imagine if we came together".

Beginning May 9, the trio will make weekly Wednesday appearances on Facebook Live to interact with the social media audience, and they're looking forward to opening up conversations among generations everywhere. It reportedly went on for 17 years. "And you said, 'It's my house now'". "I thought Facebook was the flawless place to create that conversation". OK Jada, what else you got cookin'? "It's all gonna be okay, and that's such a comforting feeling".

Ahead of the premiere of Red Table Talk, Jada has also returned to Instagram. "It's going to be a really powerful discussion".

"His take was, that is Tre's mother, and that's just not your place", Jada replied. I didn't give him what he needed.

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