A unified Korean table tennis team to compete in Sweden Video

A unified Korean table tennis team to compete in Sweden Video

A unified Korean table tennis team to compete in Sweden Video

The World Table Tennis Championship 2018 witnessed history after North and South Korea chose to use sports as a platform to promote peace.

Just days after leaders of the two countries pledged to rid the Korean peninsula of nuclear weapons, the two nations have unified in the table tennis hall - rather than compete against each other amid a backdrop of inter-Korean reconciliation.

The South and North Korean table tennis squads abruptly formed a unified team at the ongoing World Team Table Tennis Championships in Halmstad, Sweden.

As part of their pursuit of peace talks, leaders of the two Korea's announced that their teams would now continue as one team through the 2018 World Team Table Tennis Championships instead of as separate teams, the Los Angeles Times reported. This is Table Tennis history so we are very happy.

The ROK team said the decision is "an important statement to promote peace between our countries".

According to media reports, South and North Korea are also having discussions over forming a unified team for the upcoming Asian Games.

The move was the latest sporting proof of the thaw in relations between the two countries that began at the Pyeongchang Olympics in February when they marched together at the opening ceremony and fielded a joint women's hockey team. "The ITTF's motto is 'Solidarity Through Table Tennis.' And I think the combined team fits that vision". There is no third-place match, and Korea will share the bronze with the loser of the other semifinal match between China and Hong Kong. The North Koreans are Cha Hyo-sim, Choe Hyon-hwa, Kim Nam-hae and Kim Song-i.

The three-woman team - two players from the south, one from the north - lost to Japan 3-0 in the semifinals. The athletes will each don their respective national uniforms, since their teams were brought together during the tournament and hadn't prepared any joint gear.

"I also saw this video and the power of the united team".

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