Oldest Aussie Scientist's Final Trip: to End His Own Life

Oldest Aussie Scientist's Final Trip: to End His Own Life

Oldest Aussie Scientist's Final Trip: to End His Own Life

It's not sad particularly.

Australia's oldest scientist said he is ready to die and he regards the procedure as a natural process.

His daughter Karen Goodall-Smith told the broadcaster the choice was up to him. "I don't think anyone else should interfere".

He will be accompanied by a representative from euthanasia advocacy group Exit International, which has raised nearly $20,000 to cover his travel costs.

Taking matters into his own hands, Dr Goodall sought the help of Exit International, who created a GoFundMe page to help upgrade Dr Goodall's ticket from economy to business class.

Controversial euthanasia campaigner Philip Nitschke then told a Western Australian parliamentary inquiry into end-of-life choices his organisation Exit International was assisting Professor Goodall to travel to Switzerland.

Assisted suicide is illegal in most countries around the world and was banned in Australia until the state of Victoria became the first to legalise the practice past year. However, a handful of nations - including Belgium, Luxembourg, and the Netherlands - have legalized one or both of the practices, according to the nonprofit group ProCon.org.

David Goodall, a 104-year-old Australian scientist, will travel to Switzerland this week to die through assisted suicide.

In the United States, only six states - California, Colorado, Hawaii, Oregon, Vermont, and Washington state - and Washington, D.C., have death-with-dignity laws for terminally ill patients.

Premier Mark McGowan said the government would not assist Dr Goodall due to the fact he is not suffering from a terminal illness.

The former university lecturer says his quality of life has continued to deteriorate in recent years. The incident gained global media attention, with Goodall, then 102, calling it ageism in the workplace. The question would not have arisen if I were not an old man, " he told the news organization at the time.

He challenged the decision and, after much public backlash, it was reversed.

But Goodall said his health is declining.

He is expected to leave Perth for Switzerland in the coming days.

"I don't know whether they would be successful or whether it's just a threat".

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