Apple's Siri in the spotlight for potty mouth

Apple's Siri in the spotlight for potty mouth

Apple's Siri in the spotlight for potty mouth

When you summon Siri on your phone and ask it to define the word mother, you'll find that the first definition is simple enough - giving users a straightforward definition like we'd all expect.

Siri may be a friendly (if slightly dim) neighborhood smart assistant, but not everything about Apple's A.I. voice is entirely G-rated. According to the By [30 April 2018 in the] morning, however, Siri began responding with, "As a verb, it means: to bring up (a child) with care and affection", though the earlier, more vulgar response also periodically surfaced. After reading out a relatively ordinary definition, Siri then offered users the chance to hear an additional description.

Apple's virtual assistant Siri is under fire after it came to light that it has a surprising definition for the word "mother". That query has since been fixed, but the issue still remains when it's asked to "define the word mother".

As Gizmodo explains, Siri apparently uses definitions from the Oxford dictionary where the aforementioned "mothereffing" definition is indeed provided along the list of other sub-definitions.

Reddit user thatwasabaddecision posted, "Ask Siri to define the word "mother".

Apple hasn't done anything yet to stop Siri from spitting out swear words unexpectedly. A rep for Apple didn't respond to a request for comment.

It seems the Oxford English Dictionary is to blame for Siri's cursing tongue.

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