Modi govt's decisions posing danger to Indian democracy: Manmohan

Modi govt's decisions posing danger to Indian democracy: Manmohan

Modi govt's decisions posing danger to Indian democracy: Manmohan

He said on the death of Judge B.H. Loya where people in Supreme Court say that pressure is being exerted on the court, but Modi is "silent" as he was on the unprecedented press conference of four judges of the Supreme Court in January.

Further, taking a dig at the party, the BJP chief said that if the Congress party wanted to see 'Jan Akrosh, ' they should see the results of an election. But the language he has used against the prime minister is deplorable.

Rahul added that while the country believed in a religion that was based on truth in everything, one did "not find the truth" in PM Modi's speeches.

The congress leaders said, ' In the leadership of Rahul, the country can be given the right direction.

"Former Congress president Sonia Gandhi on Sunday launched a scathing attack on the Modi government and accused it of "betraying" the people by not keeping its promises".

In her address to the "jan akrosh rally" at Ramlila Maidan, the UPA chairperson alleged that the government has left no stone unturned in undermining institutions and targeting political rivals by misusing central agencies.

Addressing the rally, the Congress President said people are unhappy with the Narendra Modi government.

In the last four years, he said that the Modi government had hurtthe backbone of the informal sector and failed to provide jobs to youth.

"Prime Minister Modi gave unemployment, "Gabbar Singh Tax" (the term the Congress coined for the Goods and Services Tax), BJP MLA inflicted atrocities on women (Unnao rape case) in his tenure", Gandhi said.

Questioning the CM's credentials in advocating Kannada pride and identity, when Siddharamaiah had himself apologised for not being able to speak in Marathi at a Congress rally in Marathi-dominated Nippani yesterday, the MP said that the BJP need not learn any lesson from the Congress as the CM was making only bogus claims on Kannada pride. Other senior leaders of the party, including former Prime Minister Manmohan Singh and party leaders Amarinder Singh, Sheila Dikshit, Harish Rawat and others, were present on the occasion too.

Amethi MP said Modi still campaign that the Congress did not do anything in 70 years and he can change the country in 60 months. "If Parliament does not function, it can pose danger to democracy", he said. "But then I thought I have to go to Kailash and now I seek permission from all of you... to do that after the polls in Karnataka", he said. Our PM hasn't spoken a single word on Doklam in China. "I talked about the manner in which Parliament was not allowed to function and how the Budget was passed", he added.

Urging people to unite under Rahul Gandhi's leadership, Sonia Gandhi said, "We will fight Modi ji and his colleagues who are weakening the foundations of the Constitution for their personal interests".

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