Turkey welcomes strikes on Syria as 'appropriate'

Turkey welcomes strikes on Syria as 'appropriate'

Turkey welcomes strikes on Syria as 'appropriate'

With the latest operation, he said: "The regime has seen that its mounting attacks in recent days against dissidents... will not be left unanswered".

The U.S., the United Kingdom and France hit Syria with air strikes early on Saturday in response to a suspected poison gas attack that killed more than 70 civilians last week, in the biggest intervention by Western powers against Syrian regime leader Bashar al-Assad.

"It is not possible for us to approve the situation encountered by (Syrian) babies as a result of the use of chemicals weapons", he said.

Presidents Tayyip Erdogan of Turkey and Vladimir Putin of Russian Federation hold a joint news conference after their meeting in Ankara, Turkey, April 4, 2018.

During the talks Erdogan noted the inadmissibility of using both chemical weapons and conventional weapons against the peaceful population of the country.

"The innocent Syrian people should have been defended long ago", he added, according to a report from the Reuters news agency.

Turkey is a vocal critic of Assad's regime in Damascus and backed rebels fighting for his ouster.

Both the regime of Syria's Bashar al-Assad and Russian Federation, its ally, have denied all responsibility for the April 7 attack.

Earlier, the Turkish president also spoke with British Premier Theresa May.

Erdogan also said the current situation showed tensions had eased, but that he would continue his talks with his USA and Russian counterparts. Turkey was informed about the attack prior to it.

Washington believes both sarin and chlorine were used in the attack, a senior USA administration official told reporters on Saturday.

In a statement, the Turkish foreign ministry said the US-led operation "has eased humanity's conscience in the face of" the suspected chemical attack.

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