More African athletes missing at Comm Games

More African athletes missing at Comm Games

More African athletes missing at Comm Games

According to reports a Rwandan athlete, two squash players from Sierra Leone and two athletes from Uganda - have also disappeared.

Police in Oz, as well as state officials in Cameroon, have been officially notified.

Australian Border Force were searching for weightlifters Olivier Matam Matam, Arcangeline Fouodji and Petit David Minkoumba and boxers Ndzie Tchoyi and Simplice Fotsala after they apparently fled.

Gold Coast 2018 chairman Peter Beattie urged the athletes to "stay within the law" and not stay in Australia beyond the expiry of their visas.

Jombla and Mansaray's disappearance meant India's Ramit Tandon and Vikram Malhotra won their scheduled clash by default.

Team Cameroon's Chef de Mission, Victor Agbor Nso said the Cameroon team has filed an official complaint with Australian police.

Cr Dobie said there was no indication they were unhappy and "they were great ambassadors for their country, there was no indication at any time that there was an issue with individuals".

"If they don't want to be held in detention or locked up at the local watch house, they'd better jump on a plane before the 15th and comply with their visas conditions". Some athletes have gone missing.

Australia's Home Affairs Minister Peter Dutton warned that athletes would be forcibly removed from the country if they attempted to overstay their visas.

While it may be "very embarrassing", it's not actually a crime as they have current visas.

It's not the first time Australia has dealt with cases of missing worldwide athletes, mostly from African nations, suspected of fleeing in a bid to seek asylum. Fourteen of them were from Sierra Leone.

"These athletes left in three waves - first in the night of April 8 three athletes departed from the village".

Mr Molombe said the incident was very worrying.

He said Cameroon plans to be in attendance at the closing ceremony on Sunday.

It came as Grevemberg said Cameroon officials have pleaded for Gold Coast residents, tourists and athletes to come forward with any information regarding the Cameroon athletes that left the village earlier this week.

"But out here, only six of them effectively took part in their respective competitions, while two left without competing".

"It came as a complete surprise", he said.

"If they are thinking of doing anything other, I would encourage them not to do it".

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