Cynthia Nixon Snares Working Families Party Endorsement

Cynthia Nixon Snares Working Families Party Endorsement

Cynthia Nixon Snares Working Families Party Endorsement

"I am so incredibly excited to have earned the endorsement from the Working Families Party, the heart & soul of communities across the state". NYPAN, the main New York State affiliate of Our Revolution, came out of Bernie Sanders' presidential campaign and has grown to 30 chapters and 8 affiliates throughout the state with thousands of grassroots members.

He narrowly won the party's nod in 2014 over primary challenger Zephyr Teachout, and he faced the prospect of losing to Nixon on Saturday. Governor Andrew Cuomo, who is running in a Democratic primary against Nixon, dropped out of contention for the party's nomination Friday night, after delegates were leaning toward Nixon. But Cuomo said Friday he would not seek its backing this year.

The Working Families Party said it was pleased to show independence from Cuomo, the Democratic Party's flagbearer.

"I don't think the governors' demand for loyalty should go that far", said Nixon. "People should endorse the people they want to endorse and not have their livelihoods threatened by it".

The Working Families Party of New York (WFP) announced on Saturday its endorsement of Cynthia Nixon, at a meeting where the activist and actress called herself a candidate "who will stand with the people". He took an indirect shot at Cuomo and Hochul.

The party describes itself as the state's progressive political party.

Williams and Nixon say they are not yet ready to run as a team.

In the clip, she continues "There are a lot of good reasons for legalizing marijuana", adding "but for me, it comes down to this: We have to stop putting people of color in jail for something that white people do with impunity".

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