All-Area Boys Basketball Player of the Year: CJ Rosser, Heritage

All-Area Boys Basketball Player of the Year: CJ Rosser, Heritage

All-Area Boys Basketball Player of the Year: CJ Rosser, Heritage

"Work hard, listen to your coaches and commit to the team and you will reap huge rewards", she said.

The story seems so much more relevant to us here in the North as well, with the trips just a little bit longer, the conditions a little bit more extreme, the resulting risks, just a little bit higher.

Which brings me to the word "team" and a exhausted cliche in the context of sport.

Q: When did you start playing and why? For some reason, both were drawn to soccer.

That's why the last couple of years have been spent by Rogers showing the younger players how it's done.

Cifonelli, famed for his loud coaching style, was dismissed from Pali High after his contract was not renewed in March of 2017, just one year shy of receiving his tenure amid reported complaints of yelling and allegedly throwing a bat at a player from parents. Arnold said Selby is fine-tuning her technique, which will lead to bigger jumps as the season goes on.

Laird will become Edgewood's first female swimmer to compete at the next level when she attends Ursuline College, located in Pepper Pike, on the east side of Cleveland, since Bob Laird - Hannah's father and the Warriors head swimming coach - joined the program five years ago.

After her team clinched its spot in state, Bertholf received a text message from her future coach.

Daly Santana: Since I started to play volleyball, one of my main goals was to play in Italy. She has a genuine love for each kid.

"It's awesome because I really never thought about being one of those kids that leaves a mark on the people, the fans, the teachers, the coaches and even teammates, so that just makes it wonderful to me", she said. "I'm part of a family that's going to be family for the rest of my life".

During my daughter's playing time at Fike she underwent two surgeries - neither related to soccer.

She's concerned that she'll be so determined to prepare herself for college swimming that she may never get out of Ursuline's pool after she hops in for the first time. I was in class when he tried to call me. She fully expected the doctor to release her and clear her to play.

The boys team, meanwhile, is unmistakably loaded with familiar faces from basketball, wrestling, and cross country. You may feel that is a normal reaction but, it was the first time I'd seen her cry since elementary school.

Mathew Church came into the game to provide relief for the 'Cats and he pitched one inning for the Bobcats. I would also like to score at least 15 points for Lawrence at the conference meet.

The outcome of Coach V's suspension could have a profound affect in our community.

Q: Let's say you have a bad game. My wife taught for 30 years. I realized how rare were those teachers who genuinely cared about their students.

I also belong to a club of professional prosecco drinkers (read: friends who also work in PR).

It nearly defies logic that we don't hear of this kind of story more often - a testament, I guess, to the skill level of professional drivers and efforts to keep roads safe in all kinds of tricky conditions.

If we lose Coach V as a coach and teacher, we lose one of the best.

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