Kentucky governor says teacher protests caused child sex abuse

Kentucky governor says teacher protests caused child sex abuse

Kentucky governor says teacher protests caused child sex abuse

Bevin's comments came as the Kentucky Senate voted 20-18 Friday to override his veto of House Bill 366, a tax measure which increased funding for public schools.

Louisville's WDRB-TV interviewed Bevin outside the Capitol Friday about the rally.

According to Kentucky Youth Advocates, about 37 percent of children in the state lived in a single-parent home in 2012.

"I'm offended by the fact that people so cavalierly, and so flippantly, disregarded what's truly best for children", the Republican governor said at an impromptu news conference captured on video after teachers rallied at the state Capitol to stop school funding cuts.

In response to thousands of statewide teachers that left their classrooms on Friday to protest in the capital city of Frankfort, Kentucky Gov. Matt Bevin blamed the educators for a hypothetical sexual assault on a child left home from school. On April 2, thousands protested at the state Capitol in Frankfort.

He added that children who were out of school "were harmed - some physically, some sexually - some were introduced to drugs for the first time because they were vulnerable and left alone". They were also calling on Kentucky lawmakers to override the governor's veto of a $22 billion budget bill that contained significant education funding.

In the interview, Bevin said, "This is what's insane to me".

"It's entirely inappropriate and perverse that the man sitting in the governorship would criticize Kentuckians who stood up today for teachers, public employees and our public education by insinuating that their presence in Frankfort today caused a child to be sexually assaulted", Kentucky Democratic Executive Director Mary Nishimuta said. "As a mother, suggesting children were abused as a prop for his political rhetoric is disturbing and absurdly in poor taste". He said they would not raise enough money to cover the new spending.

By asking them to vote for another period to get the tax increase in a election 25, the veto put law makers at a position.

It also seemed odd watching Democrats voting to support a Republican governor, one majority strongly dislike.

Republicans - with an eye toward the gallery filled with red-clad teachers - said Democrats were hypocritical because they champion education while voting against the revenue bill and budget which funds increases to education. He vowed to call a special session "to pass a transparent and properly balanced budget" in a separate tweet. The Republican-controlled state Senate will take up the vetoes next.

Ross says the wanted to see the vetoes overridden because there were things she liked like increased SEEK funding, and transportation funding, although noting it's not flawless.

Bevin followed the debate closely, responding to lawmakers' speeches with tweets.

The unrest comes amid teacher protests in Oklahoma and Arizona over low funding and teacher pay. West Virginia teachers went on strike for more than a week in March, eventually receiving a 5 percent pay increase, Politico reported.

Kentucky isn't the only state where politicians are facing off against teachers.

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