This new feature will change how you use Instagram

This new feature will change how you use Instagram

This new feature will change how you use Instagram

The data portability is a tool where which will be able to download a copy of what you have shared on Instagram which also includes your photos or videos. There is also no information on whether all data will be retrievable or not. Facebook has been hit particularly hard as the brand's name is tied to an ongoing political scandal that involves using stolen user data.

Instagram has launched a Focus mode feature that allows users to blur the background when tapping a photo within the app. However we suppose eventually there might come the day that Instagram might shutter its services, so what will happen to all our photos and videos then?

A TechCrunch reader who compared the Apple and Instagram features showed slightly more facial blurriness around the edges with the Instagram Focus feature, but still said its wider availability still made it an advantage. While Facebook is already providing this feature from 2010, which helps people to download their Photo, Video, Messages and also they can keep an activity log.

Of course, Instagram being a Facebook-owned company and all, it's nice to know that they're advanced software can detect yours and your friends faces via their app.

The move might have resulted from criticism over data portability.

Facebook has had a comprehensive backup facility for many years now, so it's rather disappointing it took Instagram this long to do it.

Have you thought about deleting Instagram after Facebook's privacy screw-up?

Snapchat launched "Snapcode" in January 2015 that allowed users to add friends using their phone cameras.

This comparison provided to TechCrunch by reader Genady Okrain shows how Instagram Focus blurs the background, but can make the edges of the face look a bit hazy too.

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