Former FBI Deputy Director Is Faulted in Scathing Inspector General Report

Former FBI Deputy Director Is Faulted in Scathing Inspector General Report

Former FBI Deputy Director Is Faulted in Scathing Inspector General Report

The attorney general, Jeff Sessions, dismissed him last month, two days before his scheduled retirement, for what he described as a lack of candor.

President Donald Trump had accused McCabe of bias, and the president's critics said McCabe was being fired as part of a Republican effort to discredit a federal probe into alleged ties between Russian Federation and the Trump presidential campaign.

McCabe "lacked candor" when he talked with then-FBI Director James Comey, the IG report said, or "made statements that led Comey to believe, that McCabe had not authorized the disclosure and did not know who did".

Trump tweeted Friday that McCabe "LIED!"

"Mr McCabe had no motive to lie or mislead about media contacts he had the authority to direct, nor did he make any effort to co-ordinate accounts of the events in question with the two other Federal Bureau of Investigation employees with whom he worked on trying to correct a potentially false narrative", his lawyer Michael Bromwich said in a statement. The FBI's Office of Professional Responsibility recommended that McCabe be fired for "lack of candor" during interviews about the leak authorizations.

According to the report, the reporter told FBI officials he had heard that McCabe had given an order to "stand down" on the investigation ahead of the 2016 presidential election, which was days away. He said he was authorized to share the information with reporters and had not intentionally misled anyone. This should be only the first of several critical IG reports on FBI misconduct under investigation by Horowitz.

Trump fumed in an exclamation point-ridden tweet that McCabe "LIED!"

His lawyer said the inspector general unfairly tried to conclude its work before McCabe could retire with a full pension.

The inspector general, in contrast, found that McCabe violated FBI policy by acknowledging the existence of a criminal investigation that was not public at the time.

Donald Trump and the White House are trying to use the McCabe report to damage James Comey and paint the two as "peas in a pod", in the words of press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders.

A spokesman for the inspector general's office declined to comment. McCabe had already alleged that his firing was politically motivated, as the president had made clear he disliked McCabe long before the FBI's former No. 2 official was sacked.

McCabe, who is close to Comey, could be an important witness for Mueller, who is investigating Trump for possible obstruction of justice, including his motivation for firing Comey in May 2017.

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