President Trump signs executive order pushing work for welfare

President Trump signs executive order pushing work for welfare

President Trump signs executive order pushing work for welfare

Under the order, secretaries are to submit recommended regulatory and policy changes to the Office of Management and Budget within 90 days.

"President Trump has directed his administration to study policies that are failing Americans", said Andrew Bremberg, the president's domestic policy chief, who briefed reporters on the order's contents in a telephone call late Tuesday.

As Next City has covered, 82 percent of USA households enrolled in the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program are either working, worked recently or are seeking work, according the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities. Similar legislation now being debated in the Virginia General Assembly will also require recipients of Medicaid to work or be enrolled in school.

"The president claims that work requirements and other burdens are needed to "promote economic mobility", [but] these efforts will only leave more low income families without stable housing, making it harder for them to achieve financial stability", National Low Income Housing Coalition President and CEO Diane Yentel wrote in a statement on the order.

Most able-bodied adults already are required to work at least 20 hours a week to participate in the food stamp program, formally known as SNAP.

"First, that "the poor" are some stagnant group of people who 'just don't want to work.' Second, that anyone who wants a well-paying job can snap her fingers to make one appear". Though, there are a new exemptions for those who are elderly, children, pregnant women, and others who are not deemed "able bodied".

Many sex workers have spoken out about how Backpage was their main source of revenue and how websites like VerifyMe - a site sex workers used to report dates who were either rapists, violent or seeking to rob sex workers - have been shut down in the wake of FOSTA, leaving them extremely vulnerable. Promoting "strong social networks" to escape poverty, "including through work and marriage". The Department of Agriculture has been soliciting public comment on the issue. Many say those drawing on public benefits already work, but their jobs simply do not pay enough.

"Unfortunately, numerous programs created to help families have instead delayed economic independence, perpetuated poverty, and weakened family bonds".

The White House had once identified overhauling the welfare system as one of its top two legislative priorities for 2018, along with a major investment in infrastructure. But GOP leaders convinced the president there was little chance of passing anything that needs Democrats' votes. "We'll try and do something in a bipartisan way". We will continue to fight to save others from the horrors of online sex-trafficking and hold accountable every person responsible for these awful and sickening crimes.

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