NBA Announcer Fails Saying Russell Westbrook Is Out Of His 'Cotton-Picking Mind'

NBA Announcer Fails Saying Russell Westbrook Is Out Of His 'Cotton-Picking Mind'

NBA Announcer Fails Saying Russell Westbrook Is Out Of His 'Cotton-Picking Mind'

He curled smoothly off screens, with no hesitation as he flicked smooth jumpers.

Zach Buckley (B/R) with every team's playoff x-factor: "Oklahoma City: Shooting Guards / Corey Brewer, who has never posted an average player efficiency rating in his 11 National Basketball Association seasons, is getting 28.4 minutes per game".

"If you're a white man in America, you should know better than to say "cotton picking" referring to anyone of us", another Twitter user wrote. I guess we'll just have to wait and find out. "Just sticking with it, staying with the process and just putting the work in".

Westbrook was the first player last year to do something that hasn't been done for 56 years, now this season he figured out how to repeat that feat. 36 points and 7 rebounds for the former Oregon Duck. With him on the court, the Thunder grab just over 53% of available rebounds. Thunder coach Billy Donovan said Brewer will undergo further evaluation Thursday. If you look down the line, we could take anybody: we could take (DeAndre) Ayton, we could take (Marvin) Bagley, we could take [Luka Doncic]. No. 5 matchup. The Thunder have more star power, though that didn't always serve them well during a trying regular season. 40 points for PG, including 8-14 from downtown. At one juncture, he had 33 points on only 12 shots.

Brooks scored 16 points in the third quarter to help the Grizzlies trim their deficit to 105-96 at the end of the third quarter.

On Wednesday night, Oklahoma City Thunder point guard Russell Westbrook was doing what he does every night, rebounding the hell out of the ball and throwing insane assists to his teammates.

Thunder beat the Grizzlies, final score 137-123. "Ask anyone in the Thunder organization, he's a good dude".

There's no doubt that he's capable of going off for high totals of rebounds in a game, as cemented by his rebounding in the Thunder's last game. A year ago, the Thunder won one game in a first-round dismissal against the Rockets. But as the Thunder had one shooter's stroke return Wednesday, it turns its eyes to another as the first round starts. "For me it's good because to have a guard like that being able to crack back like that and get rebounds". "I guess we like the challenge". In the twilight of his career, it's undoubtedly cool for him to hear an MVP like Westbrook give him a shoutout for his leadership and teamwork.

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