Police identify three more sets of remains in McArthur investigation

Police identify three more sets of remains in McArthur investigation

Police identify three more sets of remains in McArthur investigation

From left, lawyer Samantha Saunders, part of McArthur's defence team, McArthur, Justice Wendy Agnew and Crown Michael Cantlon are shown.

Accused Toronto serial killer Bruce McArthur has been charged with a seventh count of first-degree murder, as police announced that the remains of three of his alleged victims have now been identified.

The prosecution said in court Wednesday that McArthur, a 66-year-old landscaper, has been charged with first-degree murder in the death of Abdulbasir Faizi.

Earlier this year, police uncovered the remains of at least seven people from planters at a home in midtown Toronto where McArthur worked and stored landscaping equipment.

Abdulbasir Faizi, 42, is reported missing to Peel Regional Police, west of Toronto.

Faizi, an assistant machine operator at a printing company, went missing on 29 December 2010.

While police could lay a charge without a name, Idsinga said that they would like to find out his identity before they do that and fully confirm that he's deceased.

His is the fifth and final missing person case investigated by police in projects Houston and Prism to be positively linked to McArthur and confirmed deceased.

"As a result of tips and help from the public we hope to begin searches of properties associated to Mr. McArthur with our K9 unit", Idsinga said.

As well as they talked about they're planning to take a look at 75 properties inside the Toronto area for any proof of various victims.

McArthur was already facing charges in the murders of Toronto residents Dean Lisowick, 47; Soroush Marmudi, 50; Majeed Kayhan, 58; Andrew Kinsman, 49; Selim Esen, 44 and Skandaraj Navaratnam, 40. Nonetheless McArthur goes by means of murder prices related to the deaths of those six males and Majeed Kayhan. In February, he was also charged in the death of Skandaraj Navaratnam. The Wednesday's charge brings the total to seven, but police do not rule out more charges as investigation progresses.

A relative, who spoke on condition of anonymity due to a lack of permission from the family to speak publicly, said she is relieved Faizi's remains have been found.

They have not specified how the victims were killed.

Many of McArthur's alleged victims were the subject of two previous police probes into the disappearances of men from the city's gay village. Project Houston was shut down 18 months later without yielding any results.

They are also reviewing 15 unsolved murder investigations dating from 1975 to 1997.

Idsinga said the remains of all but Kayhan have been identified among those recovered from the planters at the central Toronto home.

Toronto police Det. -Sgt. "We just don't know yet", lead investigator Detective Sgt. Hank Idsinga said.

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