Upheavals in 1st Day of Bill Cosby's Sex Assault Trial

Upheavals in 1st Day of Bill Cosby's Sex Assault Trial

Upheavals in 1st Day of Bill Cosby's Sex Assault Trial

Ms. Constand first reported an assault to the police in 2005, a year after her encounter with Mr. Cosby.

Thomas was the first, telling the court she wanted a career in musical theatre and retained an agent.

Cosby maintains his innocence and has said that if he were acquitted, he likely would to go back into comedy.

The defense will resume cross-examination of Thomas on Wednesday.

Cosby is charged with sexually assaulted a woman at his home outside Philadelphia in 2004.

The attorney has signaled that he will take a more aggressive strategy at this trial in Cosby's defense.

Jurors at Bill Cosby's suburban Philadelphia sexual-assault retrial are hearing from a Colorado music teacher who says the comedian knocked her out with a potent glass of wine and forced her to perform oral sex when she was an aspiring actress in 1984.

The first of those women, Heidi Thomas, testified on Tuesday.

In addition, at the prior trial, prosecutors called up to the stand one woman who said Cosby had previously drugged and assaulted her, as prosecutors attempted to show that Cosby had a pattern of misconduct.

Steele put the number before the jury to suggest Cosby would not have paid out as much as he did if the accusations against him were false. Thomas said her next memory was waking up with Cosby forcing himself on her. Her conviction is critical to assessing her credibility as a witness against Cosby, the lawyers argued in their filing.

Confronted with the questions of the #MeToo movement, the Cosby defense is still fronting a retrograde defense, one that sounds a lot like cases that have always been made against women. "When someone is drugged, they don't have the ability to consent".

"In honor of the first day of the Bill Cosby retrial, I went by the address where they filmed The Cosby Show exterior in New York City", said the Facebook caption. When prosecutors declined to bring charges, she brought a lawsuit against him.

At the time of the alleged assault, Constand was the director of women's basketball at Temple University, where the wealthy actor sat on the board of trustees.

Anticipating the defense would try to discredit Constand's character and testimony, Steele reminded the jurors, "This is the Commonwealth vs. William H. Cosby".

Ziv said victims are especially conflicted when their assailant is someone they knew and trusted.

A judge is questioning a woman who says a juror in Bill Cosby's sexual assault retrial told her he thinks the comedian is guilty.

Prosecutors punctuated their opening argument wit a bombshell.

Tom Mesereau, delivering his opening statement a day after prosecutors took their turn, said Constand "hit the jackpot" when Cosby paid her $3.4 million over a decade ago to settle her lawsuit against him.

The prosecution, if it hopes to prevail, will have to persuade jurors to look past the seven-figure deal and focus instead on Constand's accusation that Cosby abused his role as her mentor and tricked her into taking a sedative that so thoroughly immobilized her that she was unable to fend off his sexual advances.

"We're very confident that you will convict the defendant on three counts of aggravated, indecent assault for what he did to Andrea Constand on that night in January 2004", Steele told jurors. And it was only the first sign that Cosby's second sexual assault trial was already shaping up to be far different than the first, which ended in a hung jury and mistrial.

Even before setting foot inside the courthouse on Monday, Cosby was confronted by a topless protester - who was later revealed to be a former child actress on "The Cosby Show".

Crucial to the prosecution is O'Neill's agreement to let five other Cosby accusers testify, compared to just one the last time, as attorneys mount a portrait of Cosby as a serial predator.

Another row of barricades was also added to the walkway.

Cosby's defense team won a key ruling before the trial began Monday, and Mesereau made generous use of it in his opening remarks. Their opening statements are expected Tuesday morning.

Attorneys for Bill Cosby were expected Tuesday to portray a $3.4 million civil settlement with the comedian's accuser, Andrea Constand, as evidence of her greed. While the prosecution is calling Constand a victim of a rich, famous, and ultimately privileged man, the defense is attempting to paint Cosby as the real victim in the case.

They're attacking Andrea Constand as a greedy liar and casting the other women testifying as bandwagon accusers looking for a share of the spotlight.

"We welcome the opportunity for the truth to get out", Mesereau told the Montgomery County Court jury in Norristown, Pennsylvania.

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