Apple Announces That They Now Run On 100% Renewable Energy

Apple Announces That They Now Run On 100% Renewable Energy

Apple Announces That They Now Run On 100% Renewable Energy

Apple announced that their facilities are now 100 percent powered by renewable energy.

Apple's goal is to ensure that all of its stores, offices, data centers, and factories are powered by renewable energy, in all the 43 countries in which the firm is located in the world.

Apple CEO, Tim Cook, who is known for being an ardent supporter of renewable energy industry expansion, declared in a statement that the company is committed to leaving the world a better place than what it is.

Since 2014, all of Apple's data centres have been powered by 100% renewable energy, and this has now extended to its other buildings. The company has claimed that it now has 25 renewable energy projects in operation around the globe and generates 626 megawatts.

These projects are centred on driving up the availability of solar arrays, wind farms, biogas fuel cells and energy storage technologies within the areas of the world that Apple operates. On top of that Apple has 15 additional projects in the works, which will increase that number to 1.4 gigawatts - more than enough to power the Flux Capacitor that may or may not be in Apple's mythic auto.

It said that altogether, clean energy from supplier projects helped avoid over 1.5 million metric tons of greenhouse gases from being emitted in 2017, the equivalent of taking more than 300,000 cars off the road.

"So it's also possible for a large power consumer to buy only the RECs-and not the power-from a renewable energy project and use them to offset its use of dirty energy at one of its own facilities".

Last week, Alphabet announced Google's total purchase of energy from sources like wind and solar exceeded the amount of electricity used by its business worldwide, including offices and data centers. When a renewable energy generator produces a megawatt-hour (MWh) of power it receives one REC, a certificate saying that it generated one MWh of electricity from clean sources, which it can sell. Apple creates or develops, with utilities, new regional renewable energy projects that would not otherwise exist.

"We're seeing the benefits of an increasingly competitive clean energy market".

The Verge also highlights that, strictly speaking, not all of Apple's facilities use renewable energy, because it's simply not possible in some areas, for example where Apple Stores must be supplied by municipal grids.

Arkema, a designer of high-performance bio-based polymers, which manufactures for Apple at its facilities in France, the United States and China. These partners include, DSM Engineering Plastics, Arkema and Pegatron.

That began to change in 2007, when Steve Jobs released an open letter called "A Greener Apple," with a series of plans related to removing mercury from the company's products, as well as ramping up recycling programs. This brings the company's supplier commitment to 23.

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