Men Were Plotting Attack on Berlin Half-Marathon, Police Say

Men Were Plotting Attack on Berlin Half-Marathon, Police Say

Men Were Plotting Attack on Berlin Half-Marathon, Police Say

The arrested men had planned to wade through dense crowds of runners and spectators at the Berlin Half Marathon, using "specially sharpened knives" to slash at anyone in reach, a report by daily newspaper Die Welt said.

On Sunday police said they arrested the man and five co-conspirators and foiled an alleged plot meant to inflict horror.

The statement spoke only of "several" arrests but a tweet by the police mentioned six arrests carried out by special forces.

The security authorities said that on that basis and after a deadly van rampage on Saturday in the western German city of Muenster, they chose to swoop on the suspects.

Welt claims all four men were linked to Anis Amri, the Tunisian man suspected of hijacking a truck and deliberately driving into a crowd of people at a Berlin Christmas market in 2016.

German news agency dpa reported that police confirmed arrests in connection with the half-marathon but gave no further details.

The race was guarded by more than 630 police officers and went off undisturbed.

Authorities believe the 48-year-old German perpetrator of the Muenster attack, who shot himself dead, had mental health problems and was not politically motivated. Amri was shot dead four days after the terror attack. The German daily Die Welt is reporting that police have foiled a knife attack on a half-marathon in Berlin.

The main suspect was said to have had two sharpened blades when he was arrested alongside the other suspects hours before the race, which attracted 32,000 runners, the most in its history. And it confirmed suspicion of a link between one of the suspects and Amri.

No major Islamist militant attack has been carried out in Germany since.

With AP Photos.Berlin police and prosecutors say six people have been detained in connection with what they allege was a plan to carry out an extremist attack on the city's half-marathon.

Still, the German anti-terror apparatus has been bolstered in the last two years.

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