Facebook will allow Messenger users to 'Unsend' messages from recipients' inboxes

Facebook will allow Messenger users to 'Unsend' messages from recipients' inboxes

Facebook will allow Messenger users to 'Unsend' messages from recipients' inboxes

They'll also have to show who pays for the ads. But what happened at the shadowy political consulting firm is largely about Facebook's past.

Sandberg also told NBC that if users were able to opt out of being shown ads, "at the highest level, that would be a paid product".

The company will hire thousands more employees to roll out the changes ahead of important elections around the world, including the 2018 US midterms.

"We will study the letter (from Facebook) in more detail but it is already clear that this will need further follow-up discussions with Facebook", Wigand said.

The company made other changes Wednesday that highlighted how lax it is now being in allowing access to information from the social network's 2 billion users.

But the nationwide movement to delete Facebook is gaining more traction than previous public protests calling for privacy and transparency, said Karthik Kannan, an expert in big data who studies systems that exploit instincts and biases to nudge human behavior.

Among those whose information was exposed to the consultancy, 81.6 percent - more than 70.6 million - were users in the U.S. Other countries whose residents' data ended up in Cambridge Analytica's hands included the Philippines (nearly 1.2 million), Indonesia (more than 1 million), the United Kingdom.

Facebook Canada said on Wednesday that more than 600,000 Canadians had their data "improperly shared" with Cambridge Analytica. The company did not say what this number would be.

Schroepfer made the comment at the end of a lengthy post about the company's new measures to protect users' personal information.

"Even now when so numerous concerns and warnings from academics and digital rights advocates have come through exactly as predicted, and facing the associated fallout, it's hard to believe that Facebook still hasn't learned that lesson". Medical data on patient's illnesses and prescriptions would be matched to their social data from Facebook, using hashing to obscure their actual names.

Facebook users can opt out of seeing targeted ads, but can't shut off ads altogether.

For what it's worth, Facebook's failure to build a global team capable of responding in real time to problems on its platform is not new.

The more disturbing fact is that in some cases Facebook itself will decide whether to approve third parties' ability to harness this social network data.

Facebook announced Friday that it is introducing new rules for Facebook Pages - rules that, had they been in place earlier, could have stopped Russian trolls posing as Americans from wreaking havoc on the platform in the lead up to the 2016 USA presidential election. Recall that it took special efforts, for example, for Egyptian organizer Wael Ghonim to regain control of his "We are All Khaled Said" Facebook page back in the weeks just before the January 25 revolution.

That's a lot of responsibility for a company that has repeatedly behaved irresponsibly and consistently reacted with arrogance when it has been questioned.

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