Music Industry Gender Pay Gap Is Very Real [New Stats]

Music Industry Gender Pay Gap Is Very Real [New Stats]

Music Industry Gender Pay Gap Is Very Real [New Stats]

One trend-bucker on gender pay was the HM Treasury-affiliated Royal Mint, which said its average hourly rate for female staff was 22.9% higher than that for men, but that women's median pay was 12% lower than the figure for male employees.

Prime Minister Theresa May introduced laws previous year to force all employers with more than 250 staff to submit their gender pay gap details to the Government Equalities Office, which has now published a slew of data. has calculated that the hourly average for women working in the biggest companies in the United Kingdom is 14.47% lower than it is for men.

In 2017 it became government policy that all United Kingdom companies employing 250 people or more must submit the details of their gender pay gap by April 4, 2018.

"We're obviously pleased with the rate of reporting, but it is the law, it's not an option". There is a lot happening right away as we look to close ITN's gender pay gap.

The deadline for public sector organisations such as the NHS to report was March 31, but a number of trusts are still yet to report their figures to the GEO.

The Pay Gap Varies Widely by State - The three states with the greatest controlled pay gap between men and women are Louisiana (7.4 percent), Alabama (7.1 percent) and West Virginia (6.5 percent).

However, the median average gap (which ignores the highest and lowest paid staff so as to represent more typical middle-range earners) is just 9.0% in favour of men, which compares with a national average of 18.4%. The former United Nations Secretary General, Ban Ki-Moon, has said that increased investment in gender equality is vital if the world is to achieve sustained economic growth and development.

They show that the average gender pay gap for charities is 8 per cent.

Individual company data has been reported by companies to the Government Equalities Office.

"We are dedicated to continuing to build a representative gender balance across all our studio activities, and pledge to continue to find new ways to support and encourage women to both take up and advance in career opportunities in game development".

Generally, if your explanation would have worked in the Mad Men era, you probably shouldn't be trying it now: by noting that, you stress that men are not only paid more in your offices, they also get promoted more, and have more power.

"Our figures, based on the 5 April 2017 snap shot, are largely driven by two factors which together create the gender pay gap". The outdoor media group has a mean pay gap that is 27.9% in favour of women and a median pay gap that favours women by 57.9%.

He said: "The current Gender Pay Gap measures are much too crude and do not show what is really going on in terms of fair and equal employment in organisations such as Shropshire Council, that has many and various responsibilities".

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