Apple targets schools with new iPad, apps

Apple targets schools with new iPad, apps

Apple targets schools with new iPad, apps

Today a new report comes from Bloomberg that suggests that Apple is developing two new pieces of technology for future iPhone models. However, the technology will take at least two years to get fully developed if Apple decides to take it up seriously, stated a person familiar with the company's plans.

Instead of curving outwards towards the edges of the phone, Apple is considering displays that have a concave curvature that slowly dips towards the center from the top and bottom.

Google is also working on technology using gestures through a program called Project Soli.

Gesture control may end up being akin to 3D Touch, Apple's way of using a display's pressure sensitivity to allow users to retrieve information and complete tasks on its devices. Such an input has never been precise, but it should indeed be good enough for detecting gestures.

Bloomberg reports that the initiative "is still in early developmental stages", but is meant to bring Macs into the same unified architecture that allows all of Apple's other devices to work together "seamlessly". Based on the movement of the fingers, the iPhone's software would respond.

While this offers new user interactions with the iPhone, Samsung had already been testing gesture-based controls when it introduced the Air Gestures a few years ago. One of the current rumors is that Samsung is working on a foldable smartphone.

For the forthcoming iPhone generation, Apple is reportedly releasing three sizes, with the largest to top the iPhone 8 Plus' 5.5-inch screen, with about a 6.5-inch screen.

iOS 11.4 beta also includes ClassKit, Apple's latest framework for developers to build education apps to support the new Schoolwork iPad app, which lets teachers assign specific assignments within apps.

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