Intel Unveils New 8th Gen Intel Core i9 Processor for Laptops

Intel Unveils New 8th Gen Intel Core i9 Processor for Laptops

Intel Unveils New 8th Gen Intel Core i9 Processor for Laptops

Not only is the Core i9-8950HK the first Core i9 developed specifically for notebooks, but it's also the first Intel mobile processor to offer 6 cores and 12 threads. In early 2017, the company's new seventh-gen laptop and desktop Kaby Lake processors were barely faster than the year before.

Unlike the laser focus on enthusiast gaming of Core i9 on mobile, Intel looks for its Coffee Lake H- and U-series to improve upon the experiences of all gamers and general users, respectively. Specifically, Intel claims the tech will offer 3.9 times faster data transfer speeds on desktop and 4.7 times faster speeds on notebooks. They're not almost as exciting as the company's higher-end options, or even its low-powered ultraportable options, but they're still notable upgrades for average shoppers. It will support Intel Thermal Velocity Boost, which aims to help it intelligently increase its clock speed depending on the task. TVB opportunistically and automatically increases clock frequency up to 200 MHz if the processor temperature is low enough and turbo power budget is available.

Intel says that new chips are created to improve both gaming and content creation experience for the users.

"The 911 Air is designed for the business executive gamer who wants performance and portability on the go, it features a 15.6" display with a thin 5mm side bezel and 13mm top bezel, which allows the display to be fitted on a 14-inch body.

Clearly, the idea with this processor was to bring desktop, hexa-core power to gaming laptops and prosumer devices. Intel first revealed its 18 core Core i9 Extreme chip, aimed at desktop PCs, nearly a year ago now. They're expecting levels to load by up to 4.7x compared with a standard hard drive.

There are four new SKUs, all of which come with the same 28W TDP, support for dual-channel DDR4-2400 memory, Intel Iris Plus GPU with 128MB of eDRAM and Intel Optane Memory support.

Intel has announced the release of its eighth-generation i9, i7, and i5 processors for laptop computers.

Along with the new Coffee Lake chips, Intel is also preparing Optane memories for compatibility with the new laptop and desktop processors.

The company is announcing new mobile and desktop CPUs as well as its new Intel 300 Series chipsets. Intel also has a new Data acceleration feature that delivers a performance boost to the slower and larger HDD data drives, which most people use as secondary storage in a PC.

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