Google reportedly working on mid-range Pixel smartphone for markets like India

Google reportedly working on mid-range Pixel smartphone for markets like India

Google reportedly working on mid-range Pixel smartphone for markets like India

As for the Google Home family, the executives tell Economic Times that the smart speakers are planned to launch at the end of the month. Their parent company, Alphabet, will supposedly roll out an India-focused strategy and this will include bringing more hardware to the region, specifically the Google Home smart speakers, Pixelbook, home automation products and possibly a mid-range smartphone as well. Always feeling the heat from rivals Amazon and Samsung, the organization is now said to launch the AI-fueled Google Home and Google Home Mini speakers in India. The recent advent of internet penetration due to cheaper data will help Google to realise the maximum potential of the products.

Google Home, which is already available to American users, was launched in May 2016 at the company's annual developer conference I/O, while Google Home mini was launched alongside the Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL smartphones in October past year. In the U.S., the Google Home Mini ships for $49 (around Rs. 3,200) and the Google Home ships for $129 (around Rs. 8,500).

LIKE MOST high-end flagships, Google's Pixel 2 phone costs loads of money - but that's all about to change.

While the release of Google's next flagship is likely a good way off, a recently revealed series of Google Pixel 3 concept images from the website GooglePixel3XL show us what we might be able to expect when the phone finally sees a release.

The Google Home devices connect to over 1,000 smart home devices.

The trick here is that Google Home devices are just using Bluetooth to funnel music from its connected streaming services to the Bluetooth speaker.

Details are positively scarce, but supposedly this mid-range Pixel would launch sometime in July or April, ahead of a late-October refresh for the main Pixel lineup.

Google Home and Home Mini comes with support for HE-AAC and LC-AAC+ audio formats.

Google's digital companion has also been helmed to one of Jio's feature phones in December, with the Mountain View, California-based tech colossal repeatedly indicating it's firm to pursue its artificial intelligence revolution in India going forward.

These so-called smart displays would compete with Amazon's Echo Show, and deliver information such as news, weather, and directions on tablet-like devices.

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