Google Acquires Tenor Search Engine for Animated Images

Google Acquires Tenor Search Engine for Animated Images

Google Acquires Tenor Search Engine for Animated Images

If you've got a really good mobile responsive site, with a better user experience than your desktop site, you'll probably benefit from Mobile First.

The acquisition is unlikely to change anything for the many users who rely on Tenor's services to quickly express an emotion through gifs. Now it seems that Google could be working on more mobile-friendly search results, this time in the form of infinite scrolling. It saves all of its results in an index so when a user searches for something it knows what to give them because it has already processed the webpage.

The labels were removed a year later, when Google started delivering different results for desktop and mobile users, with some results on Google Search Mobile leading directly to mobile-friendly pages.

PR and marketing pros also shouldn't worry if their organizations' websites aren't following mobile-first browsing best practices (at least, not yet).

Mobile-indexing is rolling out more broadly. "If you only have desktop content, you will continue to be represented in our index", assures the Google announcement. I suspect once we see one in the wild, a bunch more will stop popping up like insane. This is known as content parity, and it's what Google will be looking for when it crawls your site in the near future. They have been elated with the development and said this will further bolster their efforts to make the over three billion mobile users around the world to have the flawless digital analogy of their mood or emotion at any given point in time.

This does not mean that Google is maintaining separate indexes for desktop and mobile. Google didn't say what will happen to that relationship, and the search giant didn't immediately respond to a request for comment.

However, Google has begun to prioritize mobile sites in several ways. But now, the Google has finally rolled out the mobile-first indexing to a larger number of sites.

Google agreed to buy Tenor, a four-year old startup that helps advertisers run mobile ad campaigns that feature GIFs, or short video clips that run on a loop, per a blog post.

Optimizing for mobile (if not creating a dedicated mobile marketing strategy) is something you should've done by now, but if you haven't, it needs to be done in 2018.

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