Warriors' Durant ejected in first game back

Warriors' Durant ejected in first game back

Warriors' Durant ejected in first game back

Durant appears to first yell, "Yo, you didn't see that f--ing foul?" followed by "Call the f--ing foul you b--h ass motherf--er!"

After picking up two technical fouls, the Bulls veteran was kindly asked to leave the court and shared his thoughts, which mostly begin with the letter "f". "The first technical was issued for vulgarity".

Kevin Durant is the second best player in the National Basketball Association, but he is quickly becoming the most thin skinned player in the league. And his 14 technicals overall are two away from an automatic one-game suspension.

The 29-year-old was ejected just once through the first 10 seasons of his career, but he just can't seem to stay on the court this year. He's up to five this season. The only player with more in a season in the past 25 seasons is Rasheed Wallace (seven in 1999-00 and 2000-01).

Green, who had missed the three previous games with a pelvic contusion and flu-like symptoms, contributed 11 points and six assists.

"It was a tech". My love and passion for the game has [blossomed] because I understand that's what it's all about, and I'm pouring all of this [newfound thirst] into this game.

Unfortunately, this game doesn't mean much for either team as Thursday night's loss against Milwaukee locked up the number one seed for Houston, and the Kings are now tanking to get the top pick in the upcoming draft.

"What we did as a team was special, and I want to experience that again", he said. That's [what] I'm more so upset about - that I didn't finish the game I wanted to play after being out a couple of weeks. Like I said, I'll be there tomorrow at practice and be ready to do my job, which is to work hard and get better. "So he snapped, but it happens, and I didn't feel like it was a teamwide thing".

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