IOS 11.3: How to check battery health and disable throttling

IOS 11.3: How to check battery health and disable throttling

IOS 11.3: How to check battery health and disable throttling

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Apple finally released iOS 11.3 update on Friday after several weeks of testing, making it available for all eligible iPhones 6 users and later.

The feature was introduced in response to the revelation that Apple had been intentionally slowing the performance of older iPhones in order to maximize the life of the battery. To placate outraged customers, the company dropped the price of battery replacements earlier this year.

After facing criticism over the revelation that it was deliberately slowing down iPhones to save battery life, Apple on Thursday started rolling out iOS 11.3 update that gives users more control over the battery performance.

Local consumers have been demanding compensation from Apple after the company acknowledged a year ago that its operating software updates intentionally slowed down the operating speed of older iPhone models. Note that the "Battery Health" still comes with a beta tag, which essentially means Apple may still be working on this feature.

With the iOS 11.3, Apple has delivered on that promise. iOS 11.3 adds new features to show battery health of an iPhone and recommend if a battery needs to be serviced.

Apple users will also be able to correct personal information that is inaccurate, temporarily deactivate their account or delete their account altogether. Considering the current outcry against personal data collection, this is perhaps the safest move from the company. However its unlikely most people will read all the way through the lengthy descriptions for each app. The new feature, right now, is in its Beta mode. But its prominence is good timing for Apple, which has been highlighting its different approach to data.

Then there's Business Chat, which lets you talk to businesses directly from Messages. As Bloomberg explains, this functionality is being added to Apple's website in order to comply with the European Union's General Data Protection Regulation, which takes effect on May 25th. The idea is that you can access all of your health information - like medication lists and lab test results - securely, right from your phone. The feature only connects to select hospitals at the moment.

On entering the Battery Health mode, you see two things, namely Maximum Capacity and Peak Performance Capability.

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iOS 11.3 and macOS 10.13.4 introduce updated data and privacy information that makes it easier than ever for users to understand how their personal data may be used. Available in the Messages app, the bear, dragon, skull and sullen lion characters mimic your face movements and record your voice.

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