Google Play Movies & TV now tells you what to watch and where

Google Play Movies & TV now tells you what to watch and where

Google Play Movies & TV now tells you what to watch and where

This brings Google's Movies & TV app the same convenience that Apple users get with the built-in TV app on iOS and Apple TV.

Despite Google's failure to detect this malware - among others it has failed to detect - we still recommend that Android users download apps from the Play Store. The app's new Home tab features a new "What are you in the mood for?" section with filters for genres, time period, and critic ratings. While Google says it reviews apps before placing them in the Play Store it has run into problems with bad apps several times in the past. If that sounds familiar, that's because Apple has a similar app on iPhone, iPad, and Apple TV, the appropriately-named TV app. But for those that do work, you can just tap and the show or movie will automatically open and start playing in the respective app.

When a user tries to log into one of Google's apps on an uncertified device, they will now be shown an error screen advising them to return it to the retailer if it was sold that way, or register it with Google if they're running a custom ROM. "So if I wanted to start watching "The Good Doctor" pilot, I press the play button and it goes into the ABC app and start playback".

Google says its now partnered with two dozen streaming services and TV Everywhere apps, including Hulu, Amazon Prime Video, ABC, HGTV, Showtime, CBS, and many others.

Notably absent from the list is Netflix, but that may change down the road.

As Google no longer endorses the apps you're safe from the malware lurking inside them for now.

This is especially helpful because some of the network TV apps offer a teaser of a show with a few free episodes, but not complete seasons.

For those living in markets like the USA, you guys probably aren't the app's target audience so if you don't see these recommendations, that's probably one of the reasons why.

In addition to helping you find content, stream it, or add it to your Watchlist, the app includes personalized recommendations. If you wanted to shop for a movie and TV show to buy or rent, you could do it through there. The thumbs down will remove the item from your suggestions entirely.

With the updated version of the app installed, you can use Google Play Movies & TV to search for a show you're interested in. But even these apps aren't enough.

For Google, all of this is of a lot of importance given that the licensing revenue from apps happens to be a major source of revenue for the company.

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