Ford's Super Test Drive Experience Features A 42-Car Vending Machine

Ford's Super Test Drive Experience Features A 42-Car Vending Machine

Ford's Super Test Drive Experience Features A 42-Car Vending Machine

Three days is a pretty long time but Ford says it gives consumers a chance to "fully understand" their vehicles as well as an opportunity to experience them during typical scenarios such as commuting to and from work. After confirming they're ready for the test drive, the vending machine lowers the pre-selected vehicle into a parking spot at the base of the machine.

Past year in December, Alibaba inked an agreement with Ford Motor to explore ways to leverage mobility and redefine the automotive ownership experience in China.

Alibaba and Ford have revealed the first fruits of their recent partnership with a multi-storey auto "vending machine" that allows certain consumers to drive away in a matter of minutes.

When they are at the Center, customers simply verify their identity with their selfie and the vehicle they selected is delivered from the multi-story auto dispensary to the ground floor where the test drive begins.

Other than picking up and driving the test vehicle, the entire experience plays out through Alibaba's mobile e-commerce apps.

The vending machine will be open to the public from Monday to April 23.

The structure is a giant vending machine that can hold up to 42 cars. The building, dubbed "super test-drive centre", is an Alibaba's facility that lets its Tmall customers to browse and book test drives.

Wanguo added: "Consumers can use the internet to access more accurate, convenient services and get a deeper understanding into particular vehicles. In the meantime, we are expanding the infrastructure of our vehicle vending machines to the entire industry to leverage and enable their distributors, in hopes of helping upgrade the automotive sector as a whole", Wanguo said.

"If we lengthen the duration of test-drives, consumers can make buying decisions with more confidence and ease", Cao said.

Ford's Stoneley echoed those sentiments, saying the online-to-offline initiative with Tmall was a targeted strategy to drive foot traffic to the company's showrooms in China. A Ford executive described this perk as "the ultimate try-before-you-buy experience".

In 2016, Alibaba sold 100 Maserati cars in 18 seconds during a flash sale on Tmall.

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