HTC Vive Pro on sale - Pricing, details

HTC Vive Pro on sale - Pricing, details

HTC Vive Pro on sale - Pricing, details

The revamped headset will begin shipping on April 5, and will also come with a free six-month trial for the Viveport game subscription service.

Available for preorder today, the VIVE Pro will cost $799 for the headset-only upgrade. For previous customers who already own that equipment, the Vive Pro will work with the base stations and controllers you already have.

The Vive Pro will also be able to be compatible with multiple base stations that allows you to expand the play boundary. "Our goal has always been to offer the most premium VR platform available and to drive adoption for VR", said Daniel O'Brien, HTC Vive general manager for North America, in a statement.

Despite the new drop in price, HTC's Vive is still more expensive than Oculus' pricing for the Oculus Rift, which can be purchased for $399 (still making Rift the most affordable between the two companies). That's a 78 percent increase in resolution over the current Vive.

Created to build on the success of HTC's original Vive, the Vive Pro includes a range of improvements starting with the display: The 2,160 x 1,200 OLED display of the original Vive design, offering a density of 448 pixels per inch, is upgraded to 2,880 x 1,600 AMOLED at 615 pixels per inch while retaining the same 90Hz refresh rate. The Vive Pro will retail for $799, with the original Vive dropping to $499. The Vive launched two years ago, and while the entire VR market has evolved a bit slower than many enthusiasts were expecting, it's clear that virtual reality is here to stay.

You're going to need a serious GPU to cope with the rigours of VR, so check out our best graphics card guide.

The headset, which was originally announced during CES in January, will now become HTC's flagship VR product.

The Vive Pro features an increased display resolution, a second external camera (possibly for AR) and built-in headphones. The headset itself is on pre-order and you can make the purchase today. A complete Vive Pro kit will be announced at a future date.

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