Kang calls for continued support from U.S. congressional leaders on Korea issues

Kang calls for continued support from U.S. congressional leaders on Korea issues

Kang calls for continued support from U.S. congressional leaders on Korea issues

The source said it was important to build confidence between Washington and Pyongyang, adding: "The United States wants to have help with consular matters and North Korea wants to be sure that no one is going to invade".

The abrupt decision to accept the summit has triggered much skepticism from Korea observers but, after his call with Moon, Trump's White House remained cautiously optimistic that his strategy of making military threats backed by crippling real-world sanctions had forced Kim's hand.

In its statement, Sweden's foreign ministry noted that the UN Security Council had unanimously condemned North Korea's nuclear weapons and missile programs and demanded the "complete, verifiable and irrevocable elimination of these programs".

Foreign minister Ri Yong Ho landed at Stockholm's Arlanda airport on a direct flight from Beijing on Thursday and spent several hours at the Swedish foreign ministry before returning to the North Korean embassy.

South Korea and Japan have held their first two-plus-two security talks in almost three years.

The embassy also represents US, Canadian and Australian diplomatic interests in North Korea, with Sweden playing a key role in liaising diplomatic talks.

In response, they said that the watertight alliance between South Korea and the USA has led to a "positive" change and expressed hope that an unwavering principle of denuclearization and continued sanctions and pressure will help find a breakthrough in building peace on the peninsula, the ministry said.

Ri and Wallstrom dined together at the foreign ministry on Thursday evening, then met again on Friday at Villa Bonnier, a lavish building used by the government for official functions which is located near the USA embassy.

Regardless of where the summit happens, if it happens, Trump would become the first sitting US President to meet with a North Korean leader.

Swedish Prime Minister Stefan Lofven said on Friday that Sweden, whose embassy represents United States interests in Pyongyang, was ready to act as a facilitator to help resolve tensions.

Worldwide media have speculated that Sweden could either help set up a proposed summit or be a potential location if a tête-à-tête were to be confirmed.

Senior South Korean officials who travelled to Pyongyang this month and met Mr Kim say he is willing to discuss the North's nuclear weapons programme.

However, as U.S. diplomats worked to set up the presidential visit, it became clear that North Korea and the USA were too far apart on the details of a missile pact to justify handing then-leader Kim Jong Il the huge concession of a Clinton visit.

Ri also held a brief meeting Friday with Swedish Prime Minister Stefan Lofven. She also asked for their continued interest in and support for efforts to resolve issues facing Korea.

The US State Department said it was aware of the meeting in Stockholm, but that Washington would not be taking part.

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