Chuck Todd Responds To Trump - Vulgarity "Creates A Challenge To All Parents"

Chuck Todd Responds To Trump - Vulgarity

Chuck Todd Responds To Trump - Vulgarity "Creates A Challenge To All Parents"

He added, "It creates a challenge to all parents when he uses vulgarities like that".

If it wasn't crystal clear already, President Donald Trump's roaring rally in Pennsylvania on Saturday night underscored the fact that, more than a year into the job, Trump has no interest in leaving behind the vulgar insults or biting attacks on the free press that defined his 2016 Republican campaign.

Speaking to Chuck Todd on Meet the Press yesterday, he said Trump's jibes must be seen in the "context of a campaign rally". "He's a sleeping son of a b-".

Trump was discussing North Korea when he referenced a 1999 interview he did on NBC's "Meet the Press" calling for an aggressive policy toward the country.

Todd initially responded with a tongue-and-cheek remark on Twitter.

"Many people including myself raise their kids to respect the office of the presidency", Todd said, clearly perturbed by Trump's assessment of him.

The commentary from the "Media Buzz" host comes after Trump took aim at Todd during a raucous rally Saturday night ahead of a crucial special house election in Pennsylvania's 18th District.

"Yesterday's rally was sort of him unleashed, which is why he went after his favorite targets in the media", Todd said, noting the U.S. president is welcome on "Meet the Press" any Sunday he wants. On the show, Todd welcomed Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin, and asked him for his thoughts on Trump's comments. On Sunday's Meet the Press, Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin defended the president's language, telling Todd there were "a lot of amusing moments at that rally". "Yeah, they were hilarious", he said.

Yet this wasn't the first time Trump referred to the NBC host with the snoozy description.

"The president of the United States in the past has been a beacon of freedom of the press", Todd told Mnuchin.

Former Congressman Joe Walsh also went online to express his opinion on the matter. Todd interrupted. "Don't worry about him as a role model?" Trump believed, according to Todd, the fact that he hosted The Apprentice on the same network meant that he was entitled to favorable treatment from Todd. "Live look at Chuck Todd on Meet the Press this morning", he tweeted alongside a photoshopped picture of Todd bundled up in a children's sleeping bag.

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