Nun fighting Katy Perry over convent sale dies in court

Nun fighting Katy Perry over convent sale dies in court

Nun fighting Katy Perry over convent sale dies in court

One of the two nuns involved in a years-long legal battle with worldwide pop star Katy Perry over over the sale of a Catholic convent in Southern California collapsed and died in court.

In what could be described as a battle of faiths, an aged Catholic nun died in a Los Angeles county courtroom fighting to her last breath against the purchase of a convent by pop-megastar and born-again evangelical Christian Katy Perry. "It's not doing anyone any good [and it's] hurting a lot of people".

Our Sisters were supposed to live for the rest of our lives at our beloved Convent.

Sister Catherine told the court their buyer, local restaurateur Dana Hollister, had never deceived the nuns.

Perry and the Catholic Church were awarded nearly $10m in damages in 2017, when their lawyers successfully argued that the sisters had no right to sell the property.

The nun, Sister Catherine Rose Holzman was aged 89.

The action by Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Stephanie Bowick means that hearings on Hollister's March 27 motion for a new trial and Wednesday's scheduled judgment-debtor examination was stayed indefinitely. "We asked [Hollister] to save us, to buy the property". They occupied it until 2011, when they say the church's archdiocese forced them to move to other locations.

A legal battle involving Katy Perry and a group of nuns is like the premise for a Sick Sad World bit from Daria (shout out to my 90's boys out there) and has now at least in part been linked to one nun's death.

The singer sought to buy the 8-acre (32,375-square-meter) property and its Roman-villa style buildings for $14.5 million (Dh53.3m).

She and Sister Rita Callanan claimed to have documents from the Vatican which proved they were the rightful owners of the 1927-built Bernard Maybeck-designed compound, which they had lived in since 1978. "She had nothing to do with forcing herself on us", Holzman said hours before collapsing.

In 2015, CBS News reported that the singer who got her start in Christian music had even met with the sisters and sung them a gospel song.

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