Motorola is working on a VR headset for their phones

Motorola is working on a VR headset for their phones

Motorola is working on a VR headset for their phones

The Lenovo-owned company will continue the Moto Z line, but will instead scrap the Moto X5 that was leaked earlier this year. After years of innovation and exciting designs that brought the X line to fame, the X4 was a shadow of its former self and brought design and features that were altogether bland.

In a cost cutting exercise Motorola are also looking to scale back their involvement in the development of third party Moto Mods.

In a statement to Engadget, Lenovo spokesperson confirmed that while there are layoffs happening, both rumors are not correct.

Android Police reports, based on sources familiar with the company's plans, that following the layoffs, Motorola will be focussing on the Moto E, Moto G and Moto Z phones for now.

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Lenovo, without much detail, announced the layoffs late in the year 2017 that would occur over the next few quarters. This week's employment reductions are a continuation of that process.

New Moto Mods are becoming rather de rigueur lately, with tons of interesting if not completely practical gadgets made to snap onto the company's compatible phones. The company will also be scaling back on Moto mods, focusing on ones that "turn a profit" instead of the niche market it now caters. The report says this means products such as gamepad and health tracker mods will get the cut. An ex-employee started the ball rolling with a post on anonymous site TheLayoff in which they claimed that 50% of Motorola's Chicago staff was being let go and their last day of work would be April 6.

We do know that the Moto Z series will also continue, and the recent comments made us believe that Motorola is not willing to give up on the USA, despite its performance there. He said that the Mods and Z team in Moto was irreparably affected.

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