Google puts Mario on the map, literally

Google puts Mario on the map, literally

Google puts Mario on the map, literally

Introducing Mario to the Google Maps feels more like a brand advertisement, rather than just a fun trick.

Have you updated your app yet?

The developers, Nintendo has teamed up with Google to bring the popular Plumber to the mobile phones with a whole new way i.e. through Google Maps.

The new Easter egg will continue to function for a week, allowing you to get plenty of time as Mario on the roads.

This will be available on both the iOS and Android versions of Google Maps. On Mario Day, Google is celebrating the iconic game by replacing its traditional navigation arrow on Google Maps with a Mario Kart. You'll also be able to craft the koopa shell, super mushroom, coin, block, and floor pattern. Mario along with his good old Kart will hold a position in Google Maps' arrow, which is used to show the location where the user is heading. Make sure you don't share personal information like your home or work address though. You can find out the official live embedded tweet made by Google Maps from here.

"Mario Mode" will be available for a week, according to Nintendo.

Then simply spend the rest of your day wandering aimlessly siply so you can see Mario drive around your local area.

"In case you hadn't heard, March 10th happens to be Mario Day!". Although the app is free to download, users have to pay $9.99 to unlock the full game with all of its additional levels and characters.

Mario isn't the first video game character to become a marker in the app.

Although the day of celebration is tomorrow, Google has rolled out the update a day early.

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