Microsoft confirms the demise of Windows 10 S

Microsoft confirms the demise of Windows 10 S

Microsoft confirms the demise of Windows 10 S

It is only capable of running apps downloaded from the Microsoft Store, and Microsoft claimed that the "S" stood for "Simplicity". This new version of Windows 10 is built upon the UWP which makes it "Microsoft's first truly modern Windows OS for the traditional PC form factor". In a rather freaky development, however, it turns out that the Windows 10 S was actually hiding the full version of Windows 10 - a feature that could be unlocked on the majority of operating systems for a $50 fee. However, it will be shipped with the regular Windows 10 Home, Enterprise and Pro versions instead of a standalone choice.

We're also waiting to hear what this means for antivirus and security apps, which will reportedly also run in S Mode, despite being Win32.exe files.

PC World contacted him to seek clarification on why Microsoft hadn't included any info on the Windows 10 S version in its blog posts.

From this one can collect light that Windows 10 S that launched last May would not continue in its now existing form of a discrete version of the operating system. The third benefit that Microsoft pointed out is rather obvious, and that's flexibility, since developers can now choose whether to process this data on the device, or in the cloud.

During the Windows Developer Day event today, Microsoft today revealed the Windows AI platform which will allow developers to build intelligent apps on Windows 10 platform.

The Redmond, Wash., software giant announced on March 7 that the next major system software update will introduce Windows ML, a set of new components that will enable coders to imbue their apps with artificial intelligence (AI) capabilities.

A key component of the initiative is Windows support for the Open Neural Network Exchange Format (ONNX), an open ecosystem for interchangeable AI models that's backed by Microsoft, Facebook and Amazon Web Services (AWS). Microsoft's Joe Belfiore confirmed on Twitter that there will be no "distinct version" going forward.

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