How to unblock Spotify account after receiving 'abnormal activity' email

How to unblock Spotify account after receiving 'abnormal activity' email

How to unblock Spotify account after receiving 'abnormal activity' email

Torrent Freak reported that Spotify sent an email to an unknown, but significant number of people, informing users that the modified apps are on the company's radar and there could be consequences for trying to subvert the system.

Spotify has had enough of hackers trying to engineer ways around paying for its Premium features, and it's giving customers using those workarounds one last chance to stop. Now, it appears that Spotify is cracking down on free users that take advantage of hacked apps in order to remove the restrictions of unpaid accounts, according to TorrentFreak. To access their Spotify account again, users are told to uninstall any "unauthorized or modified version of Spotify" and download the real Spotify app from the Google Play Store.

"We detected abnormal activity on the app you are using so we have disabled it".

In the email, Spotify says, "If we detect repeated use of unauthorized apps in violation of our terms, we reserve all rights, including suspending or terminating your account". Spotify's polite email warning users of abnormal activity better not be taken carelessly.

Spotify, which was founded in 2006 and launched operations in 2008, has led a major shake-up of the music world by allowing users to select on-demand from its library of 35 million songs. So numerous users were forced to use the cracked version of their app from the internet. However, if you received the email chances are you did use a modified app, so now it's up to you whether to heed the warning or not. But this free version has its own limitations.

But users who are not willing to pay can still get the premium features by installing a modified version of Spotify, log in with username and password and enjoy.

The music streaming service has a user base of more than 159 million around the world. Since Spotify is a premium music streaming platform, it has a paid upgrade programme and a free limited account as well.

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