Kimmel ready for Oscar return, post 'Envelopegate'

Kimmel ready for Oscar return, post 'Envelopegate'

Kimmel ready for Oscar return, post 'Envelopegate'

The main event kicks off on ABC at 8 p.m. ET, which is when host Jimmy Kimmel will emerge to start the show with a monologue that is nearly certain to cover everything from politics to the #MeToo movement's effect on Hollywood.

While she teased that Kimmel "has a lot of great surprises planned", she added, "I really hope there aren't any surprises to do with any envelopes".

"I want it to happen again", Kimmel joked, before hinting at which movie he's planning on poking fun at. The thing you have to keep in mind is that Academy members are voting, and when someone like Roger Deakins makes a film like "Blade Runner" that was just beautifully shot and really speaks to his ouvre and his abilities, I think it's going to win.

Over the past year, Kimmel has transformed himself into one of the most political late-night talk show hosts, and with everything going on in America, from Time's Up to the gun debate to the DREAM Act, he's got a lot to work with when it comes to his Oscars monologue.

Ellen DeGeneres, who hosted in 2007, returned seven years later a little more relaxed and with a few new tricks up her sleeve.

We have, however, already seen the actor make an appearance in Kimmel's Oscar promos, so we're putting our money on at least a Beatty sighting.

Critics quickly placed the blame on the Academy's older, white voting bloc, with a 2016 Los Angeles Times story reporting the demographics of Oscar voters as 91% Caucasian and 76% male. On awards night the restaurant Ocean Prime on West 52nd Street is hosting a free Oscars viewing party: there will even be complementary truffle popcorn! "Because you have different films, and different people coming in". You know Bjork, Lupita and Angelina are on this list but can you guess the rest?

Todd says this year's show, however, will be a "whole new world". As the person on the production team responsible for booking and taking care of the show's presenters, she felt bad for Faye Dunaway and Warren Beatty, who had been handed the wrong envelope by a PricewaterhouseCooper accountant. You get experience when you do something like this. Despite such an unenviable position, that night she quipped: "This has been a hell of a year".

At another, Hope cracked: "I think they ought to give me an Oscar just for attendance, don't you?" During the ceremony, the film took home 11 Oscars including Best Picture, tying the record for most wins alongside Ben-Hur (1959) and Lord of the Rings: Return of the King (2003). "I had multiple conversations with longtime Academy members who were like, 'That was not an Oscar film, ' " one new voter told the website. "We pretty much don't show any advertisements or anything like that". And I hosted the Oscars previous year, and I feel like it went very well.

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