Elizabeth Swaney: 5 Things About US Skier Competing On Hungary's Olympic Team

Elizabeth Swaney: 5 Things About US Skier Competing On Hungary's Olympic Team

Elizabeth Swaney: 5 Things About US Skier Competing On Hungary's Olympic Team

Knowing that she likely would never have a chance at making the Winter Games while competing for a spot on the very-competitive United States team, Swaney instead made a decision to ski for Venezuela (her mother's home country) before switching over to represent Hungary, where her grandparents were born, in 2015. In order to qualify for the Hungarian Olympic team, she simply had to attend enough World Cup skiing events and finish in the top 30 in at least one of them.

"I look up to them", she said, naming Sharpe, the eventual gold medal victor in the event, and the United States competitors Brita Sigourney and Annalisa Drew.

As for what the other athletes thought of her performance, it's hard to say.

Swaney kept her eye on the prize and, with some determination and a little bit of luck, it finally paid off.

According to Blevins, some of Swaney's competitors are less than enthused by her entrance in the Olympics.

For Swaney, it was quantity over quality on her path to Olympic qualification.

"Current World Cup Freestyle Ski Athlete & Olympic Hopeful".

While Swaney did fulfill a giant dream by merely making the Olympics, she also hopes her journey serves as an inspiration to others.

Winter Olympic qualification needs you to consistently place in the top 30 in World Cup competitions across a long time span - exactly what Swaney did.

That part is arguable; it's been pretty apparent for a while now that one of the best ways to reach the Olympics is by having a lot of money and no sense of shame.

Swaney only took up skiing eight years ago and has a habit of believing she can do anything she puts her mind to.

She competed at Pyeongchang for Hungary, where she said she has heritage through her maternal grandparents. "The Olympics are a showcase of the BEST athletes in the world and Swaney made a mockery of that".

And just to give you an idea on how bad Swaney went, her score was 13.60 points behind 23rd-placed Dane Laila Friis-Salling, who slipped on both runs. She eventually took up skeleton - a headfirst version of luge.

"Liz Swaney dropping in, trying to get into the right wall for a nice - just getting up to the top of the wall".

I'm serious about her LinkedIn profile.

Swaney, 33, left the audience speechless with her less-than-mediocre performance on Monday when she demonstrated skills that don't come close to matching what people expect to see from a world-class Olympic athlete at Pyeongchang.

He tried a bunch of different things until he found ski jumping, the sport he eventually did in the Olympics in 1988.

After finishing 13 out of 15 skiers, she qualified as the first-ever Hungarian freestyle Olympian.

Swaney's run wasn't met with much applause, or any reaction, really. Swaney didn't qualify for the finals.

During those competitions, which rarely had over 30 competitors, she would do a simple run and not crash. "I want to show others that freestyle skiing is possible and it is never too late to get into this sport".

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