Highline College Enters Lockdown After Reported Shooting

Highline College Enters Lockdown After Reported Shooting

Highline College Enters Lockdown After Reported Shooting

Police armed with heavy weaponry swarmed Highline College in Washington state on Friday morning after the reports of shots.

The Des Moines, Washington college first posted about the incident just before 9:00 a.m.

Police say they searched every building on campus but never found any victims or signs of a shooter. A warning was put in its place that stated that the college is reacting to an active shooter danger on the campus, that they were cooperating with the police, and that all of the buildings, as well as the staff and students, were on lockdown. "This is an unfolding situation". KOMO News reporter Carleen Johnson has referred to the shots as being "fired near campus".

The Renton Police Department tweeted that it and other area agencies were responding to the reports of a shooting, but that nothing was confirmed.

Southbound Interstate 5 briefly closed near state Route 516, but quickly reopened. "Reunification location for family members is the Lowes parking lot at 240th and Pacific Highway".

Panicked students have been tweeting and texting their loved ones, claiming to have heard gunshots.

"I love you. If anything happens I'll always love you", says the text from a sender saved in her phone as Potato Chip".

When a call was placed to the campus by the Seattle Times, it was initially answered with a recorded message that the school was on lockdown.

Highline College is about 17 minutes south of Seattle in Des Moines, Wash.

Founded in 1961, Highline College has about 17,000 students.

On Thursday, a South Carolina Broome High School student was arrested after he posted a threat on social media where he said: "Round 2 of Florida tomorrow", the Conservative Firing Line reported.

School shooting are a major problem in the United States - with the latest one in Florida being the third most deadly in USA history.

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