Victoria Beckham says Spice Girls won't reunite for new tour

Victoria Beckham says Spice Girls won't reunite for new tour

Victoria Beckham says Spice Girls won't reunite for new tour

After all five of the girls held a surprise reunion together last week, there's been nothing but speculation that a comeback could on the cards for the band.

They are also thought to be considering a children's Spice TV show, possibly featuring their own kids.

Their show wouldn't just air in the United Kingdom, with ambitious plans to hold heats in countries across the world. The quintet upped the ante with a second photo of them with their manager Simon Fuller, the "American Idol" impresario.

"Geri suggested the Royal Wedding is a fantastic opportunity, and that they should offer to perform at the reception", a source told The Sun this week.

"For example, one member will be selected from China, another from India and then someone will be from the UK".

The aim of the show is to bring diversity to the charts. It sounds like the girls were indeed gathering to talk about relaunching the Spice Girls, in some way, shape or form, we just don't know what that is yet.

At the end of the clip she said: "Actually maybe this is good".

The news comes as Victoria shut down rumours of a reunion concert tour.

David Beckham chose to get flirty with his wife, Victoria Beckham, giving her a cheeky pat on the bum as she gave her family a big thank you kiss after her New York Fashion Week show went off without a hitch.

However, the mother of four gushed over her lunch last week, telling Vogue, "It was so great to see the girls". It appears there is still a possibility to see the girls performing on stage. And Harper, who's only watched Spice World once, says, "Mummy, I love that bit when everyone's in the really cool clothes and you're in the tight little army dress!"

Victoria still speaks to Mel C, Emma, Mel B and Geri individually, but she shared that being together again was really lovely.

Here's how Victoria's new collection could be a giant throwback to her former Spice Girl era. What does that look like? "Brainstorming", the 43-year-old explained, before adding, "But (fashion) is what I do".

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